Anonymous: when will it be done?

Not till next Sunday at least. I’ve exams till 26th (Saturday). Sorry!

Anonymous: Your edit of Katrina Kaif reminded me of Xia Junsu. Their face kinda look similar, or is it just me?

Oh wow that’s a comparison I’ve never heard before. Hmm tbh I don’t really see it? But maybe others do? Could just be me not spotting it! ^^”

Anonymous: On second thought, let's set this X-Men reboot in the MCU. Cast Richard Armitage as Wolverine. Scarlet Witch is Elizabeth Olsen, Hugh Laurie as Magneto, Viggo Mortensen as Xavier and Lindsy Fonseca as Kitty. Howard Stark, when he found the cube in the 40's can be the reason for the cause of the "MUTANT PROBLEM" which crated the mutant because of the tesseract's radiation. What do you think?

Sure, works for me! ^^

O malang hua
Dil ye mera

Anonymous: what do you mean build from agents of shield?

Well, along with directing the Avengers movie, he is also one of the creators of the TV series Agents of SHIELD. The series basically builds of from the avengers with Agent Coulson and his new team and they carry out SHIELD missions. I can limit it to just the Avengers when I get to it if you’d like? Upto you! ^^